Is Multilotto a hit or a miss? Find out with our ultimate Multilotto India review.

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Is Multilotto India one of the best lottery operators on the market? In this Multilotto India review, we will cover Multilotto deposits, Welcome Bonuses, payment methods, and more. Keep reading this Multilotto India review for all the information you need to know before playing. If you are looking for more online casinos to play around the world, why not try online SA casino?

An in-depth Multilotto India review

This section of the Multilotto India review will cover features of the platform and the website experience.

Multilotto India offers a platform for customers to play the lotto online through betting on lottery game outcomes. Other features the company offers are Multilotto mobile and Multilotto online casino.

Multilotto India is often regarded in the top 10 of the best lottery operators. Multilotto India is a website and app consolidating over 40 international lotteries in one place, with customers in over 135 countries. Their site advertises more than 15 languages to choose from, however only 12 languages are currently available on the homepage.

Multilotto India is a platform to let users bet on the outcomes of popular lotteries. This is different to a lottery concierge service that allows customers to buy lottery tickets online, even if they are in a different country to the lottery.

Multilotto customers do not take part in an actual lotto online game. In fact, no physical lottery tickets are sold for each of the lotteries. In this instance, Multilotto India functions as a bookmaker and not as a lottery operator.

Interesting features Multilotto offers

It’s possible to download the Multilotto mobile app to make bets and check the lottery game outcomes quickly and conveniently. Multilotto online casino allows customers to play casino slot games as well as play online scratch cards. Multilotto online casino also offers a casino guide giving customers information on the types of slot games they have, as well as an in-depth ‘casino school’ giving a step-by-step guide to the online slots.

Within the site, Multilotto India offer different gameplays while betting on the outcome of different lotteries. ‘Boost Jackpot’ allows players to increase the daily jackpot on four of the largest lotteries on the website by purchasing a ‘boost’ ticket. If a player wins the regular draw, they will also win the boost jackpot.

Multilotto India also offer a lotto number generator. With this feature, players can have numbers generated using statistics curated by the website. The lotto number generator takes into consideration the numbers that are most overdue and have been drawn the most.

Is it a user-friendly website?

The website contains lots of information and is generally easy to navigate, however it could be improved with a ‘search’ function. The highlight of the website is that Multilotto posts all lottery game outcomes, statistics, common lottery numbers, and odds for all lotteries. This gives a lot of information to customers in an easy-to-read format.

A downside to their website is the difficulty to contact the customer support team. A support button appears and disappears quickly at the bottom of the screen when a new page loads. It appears to be a chat function, which would be nice to get a quicker response from the customer support team, rather than sending an email.

What are the biggest international lotteries?

The biggest American international lotteries are the US Powerball and Megamillions. With the jackpot often reaching the hundreds of millions, it attracts millions of players each week to buy lottery tickets. US Powerball and currently draws every Wednesday and Saturday, whereas the Megamillions draws Tuesday and Friday. It’s possible to play the lotto online for both and find out the lottery game outcomes soon after the draws. Jackpots for both start at 40 million dollars. The US Powerball and Megamillions are available to bet on through Multilotto.

Is it legal in India to bet on lotteries?

It is completely legal to bet on the Multilotto India platform. Although there is a grey area surrounding the laws of gambling and betting in India, online betting on this site is fully legal due to the company being an overseas site.

Multilotto India is operated by Multi Brand Gaming Limited, with the headquarters in Malta. Multi Brand Gaming Limited is licensed both by the Malta Gaming Authority and the Swedish Gaming Inspectorate. In addition, Multi Brand Gaming Limited is regulated by the Malta Gaming Authority.

Is Multilotto better than state lotteries?

Multilotto India offers some benefits over state lotteries. Due to the digitalisation of the website and app, players have a quick way to bet on the lottery, without having to wait in line at a physical store to buy lottery tickets. In addition, there is no possibility of losing any lottery ticket as all the lottery tickets online or in the app.

While it’s possible to buy lottery tickets online to play for some of the biggest lotteries and jackpots around the world, Multilotto are offering a way to play individually against the gambling operator rather than competing against other players.

Is there a Multilotto Welcome Bonus for new customers?

There has been a welcome Multilotto bonus in the past, however Multilotto India is lacking a current offer for Multilotto deposits. There isn’t currently a Multilotto bonus for new customers from India when betting on online lotteries. It’s possible a Welcome Bonus will return in the future as they provide details of ‘Multilotto deposits’ on their website, where first deposits are matched up to a certain amount.

Multilotto might not be suitable if Welcome Bonuses are an important feature for you.

What are accepted payment methods?

Multilotto advertises they accept up to 12 payment methods to allow players to deposit or withdraw funds from their Multilotto account. However, only 10 are shown on the homepage of the website. Two major direct banking options are shown; Mastercard and Visa. Other payment options involving bank transfer such as Zimpler, Trustly, Paysafecard, Skrill, and Neterller are available.

On their website they state JCB, Wirecard and Entropay are also possible payment options, but don’t provide further information.

We hope you enjoyed this Multilotto India review, where we covered some of the biggest online lotteries to bet on with Multilotto. Multilotto India has a lot to offer where users can view over 40 international lotteries and jackpots, bet on online lotteries, and play online casino slots all from one platform.


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